do not tell daddy

the moment when you check the mail and realize your oldest child may meet Jesus sooner than you expected. while bennett has done very well at clemson (praise God, thank you Jesus, we put in out time in high school!) 

he has an awful time with respecting the LAWS set in place by the state of south carolina. he feels as if  a "do not park" sign applies to everyone else except him. bennett's parking violations on campus are going to require an additional student loan ;) 

today it was an "off campus"  violation that may set in motion his come to Jesus meeting. he parked in a handicap spot! you did what! the city of clemson had a picture to prove he was "over the blue line." (so not "in a handicap" spot, but technically breaking the law by being 1/4 of the way in one.)

1/4 of the way or all the way... it was an overdue handicap ticket violation and the truck is registered in his daddy's name. 

my husband. God love that rule following sweet soul. he is a rule follower when it comes to finances, highway, waterway... laws in general. my car required a new tag this year... long story short, the treasurer's office  didn't mail "my sticker." how many times did i hear "go to the dmv and pick up your sticker." too many to count. the taxes were paid, i just needed a large chunk of precious time to wait in line at the dmv. 

three days later i was driving to an appointment and talking to him, i was pulled over for "an expired tag."  i assured the officer it wasn't really expired, i just needed to pick up the sticker.  he was kind enough to escort me to the dmv to pick up my sticker :)  yep, the dmv was less than a mile away and the officer followed me there. we try to avoid saying, "i told you so."  after my police escort, i gave jeff permission to use it as he feels fit.

so when i opened the mailbox and realized that jeff was being summoned to court for bennett's handicap violation, i knew the level of trouble that young man had just brought upon himself. "bennett, may God save your soul, because even i cannot."

 i rarely say, "do not tell your daddy" but this was a "do not tell your daddy he has been summoned to court until you try your best to take care of this matter."  fear is a great motivator. bennett took care of this matter lightening fast. and hopefully learned a lesson. hopefully. 

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I can sort of sympathize, just got an additional bill from Clemson for Jesse's parking tickets from this past semester! ☹️

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