my prom two cents

when i think  prom, i imagine a huge stylish committee, sitting around a chic conference table made from old pallets,  at the pintrest headquarters strategizing:  “how can we tweak the modern day high school experience? how can we add more feelings of inclusion? exclusion? superiority? inferiority? competition? all while boosting the united state’s economy.  the answer... 

the prom.

how is it that proms are feeling like small weddings? 
there's a show called say yes to the prom dress. 

in the 1800’s proms were used to teach college students manners, ballroom dancing and etiquette.

two centuries later it's hair appointments. make up artists. manicures. pedicures. spray tans. hair extensions. limousine rides. flair. drama. personal loan.  expensive flowers. provocative clothing. who's parents can out do who. and PROM-POSALS.

and yes, my teenage daughter wanted many of the above.  of course she didn’t get them. i strongly advised against a prom-posal. "is there really a chance chase will say no?"  proms can be elegant, fun and ridiculously egocentric, over the top and stressful.  our goal was to focus on the positives as much as possible.

i did have a prom-mom meltdown moment when the alteration shop who had her dress for two weeks, “kind of forgot to alter it!” ~  two days before the prom. after i melted down in their lobby,  i actually called my mother to ask her to pray about a prom dress!

jeff and i were on the “prom clean up committee.”  the kids at our school eat and travel together. there's even an after prom breakfast. the gym is decorated top to bottom by the junior class. so many great memories were made.

as jeff and i were washing the lilly pulitzer place settings, drying them and stacking in according to pattern… my mind drifted to the extravagance, then to the ocean of children who will never experience something like this.

the “starving kids in africa line may seem old… but sadly it is still true.” can you imagine if we took all of this and _____________?

  prom season is the perfect time to widen the lens.  have fun, enjoy... but keep everything in perspective. this is not a wedding, nor does royalty live in our community. (like real royalty. not the self created kind based on where you live, who you know and how many lilly dresses are hanging in your)

i would love to go back to the days when prom focused on etiquette and learning the fox trot.

PROM~ keep it sweet, realize what a gift it is to live in the united states where proms exist and are celebrated. make memories, stay humble, be tasteful, avoid taking out personal loans ;)  and keep things in perspective. 

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