spring break

rewind a month and we were enjoying a quick spring break trip to charleston. jeff's work territory includes charleston, beaufort, and hilton head ~ score!  we tag along when we can. we entertained ourselves during the day and met you with jeff for dinner. 
i went to college in charleston for two years before transferring t columbia college. funny how well a mind can remember  sights, sounds, and amazingly directions. before we left,  i realized i would be  scraping the barrel for things in charleston we have not done. the angel oak was one of them. (like how does that happen!?) the last time i visited was, hmmm... 25 years ago! 

the girls were amazed. really, they were. i loved how they were full of questions about the root system, insects and development of the area. we left googling facts about this wonder.

we visited the beach. 
i will always love... and i mean love... everything about the ocean.

this trip we decided to try all new restaurants. i emailed a few charleston friends for recommendations, googled directions and we enjoyed some fun and creative meals.  (awful cell phone picture)
one evening after crossing the ravenel bridge, we realized a double suicide  had just taken place as (or seconds before) we crossed the bridge. our hotel was at the base of the bridge. the commotion, the newsflashes, the feeling that we had passed by this left everyone with uneasy feelings.

we walked a lot! we made multiple trips to trader's joes and tjmaxx we had some great, meaningful conversations. 

we enjoyed some serious nail art. 
(kitty cats on two fingers)
we missed bennett, but enjoyed hanging out as a family of four.

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