and she's off

father's day passed and i didn't take a single picture! that's worse than the one i took on mother's da.  jeff opened tie after tie. a generic gift, but one he is always in need of.  jeff also asked for his workshop to be organized as one of his father's day gifts. no kidding, we could have been on a reality show. he is a tool hoarder! so seven of us tackled this job together. it turned out to be the best afternoon, because most of our talk was about our  vacation. bennett and i are ready to leave today and return a day before school starts ;) 

anna katherine and i are still sharing a car, which is a lot harder than it sounds. we added car shopping to the end of our day. 

then we packed up our youngest for church camp. three kids and i still get nervous sending my kids to camp when jeff and i are not among the chaperons. 

beach trips really make me nervous. five hours of free time on the beach. in myrtle beach. rip tides, child predators, a DHEC water advisory, too many episodes of dateline...{deep breath} God's got this!

 the hardest part for mary claire was saying goodbye to her new kitten. the hardest part for me is the feeling of empty nest that i will have this week. {deep breath}  a kitten makes everything better ;)

a thank you to the chaperons ~ before the trip even begins!

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