best fifty cents

there is perhaps nothing more captivating than photographing in a developing world. 

the sights, the sounds, the smells... life so different

and yet life so similar to my own. 

 often i feel that i can tell a much better story through photographs than words. with every image i see here, i see God or the need for God, which makes the desire to capture everything pretty intense.

  as tempting as it is to pull out my camera and document every single moment, i try to to always be careful and always be respectful.
proper etiquitte is to ask before snapping -- so i do not always ask. but i try to never ever invade a person's privacy or jeopardize their dignity.  this is a picture taken today while hiding behind a delivery truck. 
cropping awesomness!

when photographing children, i go from careful to extremely careful.  if a stranger approached my children and started snapping pictures, my first emotion would be anger. no matter where we live, how much money we have, parents everywhere want to protect their children!

these little guys i have photographed before. they live across from the church and have mercy, they are adorable. today while trying to sneak a picture, it didn't take long for the mother to see me. i was preparing my apology as she walked towards me. 
instead of asking that i stop, she asked for money, fifty cents to buy all of her children a soda.  
hands down this was the best fifty cents i have ever spent!
 look at this sweet face!

i love when a picture can celebrate happiness, smiles, and playfulness -- JOY not sadness!
what runs through my mind when i see a picture like this?  it is not, "wow, my kids are so lucky to live in the united states",  it is more along the lines of, "playing in the dirt is a million times better than playing on a cell phone." 

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