kitten merriweather

when your child calls crying because they miss you and you are a continent away and unable to do a single thing about... you tell her to get a kitten ;)

this little beauty (definitely the pick of the litter) was on hold until we were home from ecuador. i didn't tell mary claire because no way could i handle the constant bombardment of "when is the kitten ready?" or "is the kitten ready?" parents know what i mean.

so to ease the "missyous" we told her about the kitten over the phone. and just like magic, there were no more tears. 

a kitten solves everything! 

everything except the fact that she is still the last person on the face of the earth without a cell phone. (that's what she claims and i am starting to believe her)

jeff and i cannot budge on the subject. many years ago, a very wise woman (janice wood) gave me one piece of advice. i was taking over her fourth grade classroom for twelve weeks while she was on maternity leave. i remember it like it was yesterday. she said, "remember one thing! say what you mean. and mean what you say."

think about it. that might just be the biggest challenge for parents and teachers. let your yes be yes and your no be no. when we say it is time for bed... it is time for bed now. not thirty minutes later. janice wood's "one piece of advice" has played through my head for twenty years now.

the picture below is because she brought up the subject again. 

this picture is me saying, "stop and smile or i am adding six months!" i admit, the cell phone issue has been exhausting. 

good grief, a new kitten is way better than a phone!

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