see you later!

as we all said HELLO summer, we also said a few goodbyes (or see you laters!) our children's school is located in the same town as a large air force base. they have always enjoyed meeting new classmates who transfer in each year. as great as it is meeting them, when the time comes for their family to relocate, saying goodbye can be tough.  

several years ago, one on mary claire's best buddies moved to hawaii. they still write each other letters. real letters with real stamps! who imagined stamped letters would become a lost art in the days of email and text messaging.

this year, her little friend group said, "see you later" to sydney. 
sydney has been a bright spot in the hallways of WH. she is an encourager with a sweet disposition and very athletic! 

on the very last day of school, the girls enjoyed lunch and a quick photo session on the football field!

thankfully sydney isn't moving that far away. compared to hawaii, one state over is practically next door. i loved over hearing the girls planning trips to visit her! 

see you later sydney!

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