travel day

we were excited! after days of tying up last minute loose ends,  boarding the church bus to the airport was like letting out a sign of relief. 

so things got "slightly" stressful.  the flight to atlanta was so full that my carry-on (full of electronics, medicine, snacks... my must haves) would not fit. really?  the lady from the ticket counter  literally ran down the tunnel, looking wild eyed and frantic, to inform me that my bag would be checked  to our final destination... in other words say farewell to your bag for a few days. plus she lacked southern manners. 

i took a deep breath reminded myself, "i am on a mission trip.what would Jesus do?  what would Jesus do? i am on a mission trip."  

so there i was with a young backpacker on his way to spain, five feet from the airplane, unpacking my backpack, shuffling my belongings, cramming as much as i could back into my backpack.  all while over hearing the flight attendant say there was room in the back. "i am on a mission trip.what would Jesus do?  what would Jesus do? i am on a mission trip."

so, i was the very last person to board the plane. i walked on resembling a refugee carrying all of my belongings to another place ;)

only to have all flights grounded for a couple hours due to bad weather in atlanta.  which i am very thankful for the safety precautions. my feathers were still ruffled over my bag. i mean everything was in my lap or beneath my feet. i thought... it could be worse. the backpacker may arrive in spain minus his backpacks.

 despite the delays, praise God we made our quito flight. 
and we had an extra empty seat!
our my fruit of the spirit that needs quite a bit of ripening is patience.   our travel day put me to the test. ending with a long line at immigration. but again, praise God that ALL of our luggage arrived. my ten pounds of sugary sweets had not even melted in the belly of the plane.  it was 2am before we fell in to those comfortable beds at the hostal. 
so we are here and we are excited. waking up to the sweetest, kindest notes of encouragement. traveling with this dream team is just the best. knowing maureen is leading our way makes us all feel at ease. having a roommate is also a bonus!
happy to see familiar faces that feel like family members.

last time i was in machachi there was a lot of buzz concerning the volcano. this time it is the earthquakes on the coast. we were able to hear so many stories, both good and horrific! sadly many of the small towns that were destroyed did not have a single evangelical church. missionaries are now traveling to the places in large numbers. what was spiritually dark is becoming brighter by the day. 
this is an idea of where we are in comparison.
so today maureen and the translators made phone calls, setting up appointments. we met with the imb coordinators mark and sherry from quito.

 we are settled in and loving this brisk weather (imagine the perfect fall temperature) tonight we will meet with darwin and ruth. when around them, you can feel the energy! 

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