welcome home

when i am told to "not drink the water or eat anything that could have been washed in the water,  i don't. i even keep my mouth closed in the shower. yay me! five four trips without a single sign of sickness. until the ninth day of my fifth trip. the night of our tour day would be the night that i would make up for all the other trips.

maureen got sick as well. however, she knew at the first sign of illness  you should hit the bacteria with everything in your medicine bag.  i wasn't so quick. one hour after i felt kind of weird,  i was violently... no really, violently throwing up.  i will spare you the gory details, but my eyes were swollen completely shut. who knew you could throw up from your mouth and nose at the same time... gory detail, sorry! this gave a new meaning to multitasking!

 my teammates really showed me the love! jeff rarely left my side (at least i think so) 

and because i sat on the shower ledge for what seemed like forever, maureen made sure i had a private, clean bathroom.  

it was 30 hours before i could stand up, walk or eat a bite of food. it was four days until i felt completely like myself. it is driving me nuts wondering where i went  wrong. i definitely did not "drink" the water. 

after a long, but uneventful flight home, jeff and i were so happy to see our kiddos. even though they are all adult sized, it still feels like you are seeing your little ones after being gone so long.

our welcome home included two broken cars. the touareg is one step from being pushed off a cliff. bennett's truck is always in need of a part. and MY car had two flat tires.

i read that only 8% of people in the world own a car. boy are we fortunate! because a car where we live has become a necessity. all of us sharing jeff's company car has been a reminder of how fortunate we are! 
our series of misfortunate events are just speed bumps along our journey. our mission trip was amazing! when people ask me how it was, it is hard to put into words. on some trips God allows you to  take part in the planting of His seeds. on this trip God allowed us to witness a harvest of His work. i never imagined i would see so many answered prayers on one trip. God is good... all of the time!
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