best halfway

on the morning of the fourth of july, my kids let out a sigh of despair ;) "fourth of july means that we are half way through the summer." it also means that we have half of a summer left!
we enjoyed our own fireworks show. the best one $25 can buy. 
my opinion of fireworks is wasteful ;) bah-humbug!
fireworks drives our little dog nuts!
mary claire decorated her nails in red, white, and blue.

we spent actual independence day at the smoak's lake house. we are so blessed by the fact that when my sister gained a "new" family, we all gained a new family. our parents, our husbands, our sister in law... my sister and i realize the awesomeness of this! we realize that it's a God thing. someone once asked me if our families "really" got along as well as we made it appear.  i was a little surprised by the question... but yes. we really do.

we spent this blazing hot july fourth enjoying all the lake has to offer... except our very own boat has not moved all summer. which is a hot topic ;) i am exaggerating. after ecuador for two weeks, we have been playing catch up ever since. 
jeff and i crashed our first party :) we heard that our special friends, bill and alicia were in town, a few lake houses away. since we didn't have out boat ;) stephen dropped us off. bill plays a large part in jeff's testimony and when that happens... you need to tell them!

so much of this went on! 

here's to the best half of summer!

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