work or play?

i consider it one of the best things ever that my kids are now old enough to go with me to work and actually help in the process. when they were younger i never would have considered bringing them along to sessions. if i had, i am sure most of my time would have been spent chasing my own children around. it is a perk of the "growing up" process. these days, i look for all the perks i can find to ease the realization that i no longer have "little kids.'

  so this week, when i had beach sessions scheduled and was able to bring them along as helpers... it was great ! 

it made things even better that jeff was working at the beach and we were able to meet him there as well. yay for work feeling more like a mini vacation. 
 anna katherine and bennett have summer jobs which makes everyone going somewhere at the same time hard. (not a perk!) but mary claire and her her best cousin liza were eager to tag along as helpers. 
after my sessions, we spent the rest of the day on the beach. 

we spent hours upon hours soaking in the south carolina sunshine. the beach wasn't too crowded and the weather not too hot. it doesn't take much for me to consider a day on the beach "perfect!" if i had not forgotten all of my reading material at home, these three days would have been beyond perfect! thankfully i had bennett national geographic in the car... which i read cover to cover a few times. ironically the middle section of the magazine was about sharks :0 

deep in my national geographic and shark hubs, i looked up and saw this in the water! talk about getting the girls out of the water fast! turned out to be a piece of drift wood. from a distance it definitely looked like a great white ;)

my kind of beach!

our evenings were time with jeff and dinner out. just as we were leaving for dinner, the hospital from columbia called. a lady was in labor and the hospital had not stocked jeff's much needed drug... so on a dime he left us to race to the hospital. 

the rest of our trip turned into "girls only!" 

each day felt like a glorious repeat of the day before.
photograph * play * rest * repeat

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