camp HOMEY

i sat down to finish this draft and the title made me smile. the title was supposed to be camp honey.  auto correct and me; we are quite the  comedic pair ;) last week i was typing a friend, "hi stranger." after i pressed send, i realized auto correct typed, "hi army ranger." 

our annual mountain trip with my mom was the same annual level of fun, entertainment, and noisy madness. (the good kind of madness) as the kids grow and begin going in different directions, it is hard for everyone to be together at one time. even though every grandchild visited, we were never all together for a single day. (boo!) 
bennett stayed for a long weekend. roger and bennett are a sight to behold. i apologize for bennett teaching roger how to shoot girls with soft arrows and teaching evie how to beat roger in a foot race eveytime... by pushing him down. hopefully he doesn't pass these habits along to his own children.
only bennett keeps spare targets his truck.  bennett warned roger not to shoot out his teeth. 

"don't worry bennett. i only have one grownup teeth."

this was happening around 7am.
 no sleeping in at camp honey!

we cheesed it up with the wild indians ;) roger loved, loved them!

roger loved them so much he "requested" a picture.

we saw elk for first time ever!
because kids came in shifts... individual pictures with honey were the best.

junior ranger program... of course!

i couldn't resist buying ak the official junior ranger (gift shop) pin. she is a senior after all ;) and a proud junior ranger graduate!

we biked the loop at cade's cove. (my favorite) this is our only picture. the keys were locked in my mom's car at 6am as we were renting the bikes. we biked without water, cameras, sunglasses, money... thankfully the attendants opened the gift shop so i could purchase bug spray. 

despite "roughing" it on our ride ;) we had a great time! 
the rangers tried their best to open my mom's car. who knew honda mini vans were so hard to unlock.  we ended up calling a locksmith. which turned out to be a tow truck with the same tool the rangers used... bradley just used it more aggressively. the minute the van was unlocked, the kids were like vultures at the cooler.
a rough picture of us after the ride.

liza cuts roger's hair. she has some gifted little hands... then everyone wanted a turn cutting roger's hair.

of course we met up with dolly :) a show and her amusement park. aunt giggle bought the girls flower crowns.
evie was enamored with the performers.
the big kids and i went rafting. 
another favorite!
bush baked bean factory!

did i mention we brought our kitten merriweather.
she turned into a night time terrorist! going room to room waking everyone up to play!
 my mom and her sister visited their uncle in knoxville. this is my (practically) my grandfather's twin brother. the resemblance is unreal.
and dollywood was last on our agenda. 

thank you "homey" honey for a wonderful week!

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