chickens are a big deal in key west. or maybe they are not, because they are everywhere! elizabeth and mary claire were determined to catch one. i am guessing there may be a law somewhere in the books about tourists and roosters.

on our way back from the southern most point (which was a mile two miles longer than i remembered) our family spotted a baby chick and it's mother. and that was a big deal... because we see chicks and chickens often in the country (??) all seven of us stood mesmerized by their interaction. 

mothers of all species... try to prepare their young for the real world.  sometimes the real world can be rather painful.

i was waiting to use these pictures for a situation that involved "parenting." 

this brought to mind a parenting dilemma we faced just this week. school drama. our philosophy has always been if you do not engage in drama, you will not be involved in drama. 

for years this has held true. until this week... drama snuck up from behind.

 your first instinct is to protect your young. but sometimes you can not and sometimes you do not so that they will learn from their mistakes.  

anna katherine started her senior year off with bang! all these years being free from drama and BAM... hello drama.    

i am not going to go into detail, only because the situation has exhausted her parents. this blog post is also not a passive aggressive way of letting the "powers that be" know that we are upset... they know because we have told them.

 in a nutshell, it involved her school sport and an unfair decision made be an adult.  the synergistic reaction it caused throughout a (formally) tight knit team was devastating to watch.  

we sat on the street watching this hen. her baby's cries growing with intensity. just like our situation. as the week progressed and the unfairness began to feel more like cruelty.

like this momma hen, showing her chick that the world will not shatter without her... watching your child be mistreated is never a nice thing to watch. 

 we prayed a lot.  
this would be a time to "practice what we preach!"

we dug deep into our parenting arsenal. 

but a daddy watching their mild mannered daughter being this distraught... let's just say it was harder for him to watch than me. 

we made it through the week.  despite twenty years of parenting under our belt, we still cannot explain the why.
have you ever had a situation that you  analyzed up one way and down the other, one where you tried your best to see the other side... and you cannot? 

 so what do you do when you experience injustice? explode? lash out? so far we have resisted the temptation ;)

we are praying for clarity and understanding... and that the parents  do not explode ;)  compared to things happening in our world, this is so mild on the scale of injustice. 

at least i got to use my chicken pictures!
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