enjoy nc apples

we tried our best to ignore the scorching heat and pretend fall was in the air.  our long labor day weekend was made a little longer thanks to a storm day on friday. we headed to my mom's house in the mountains and it just happened to be the north carolina apple festival.
 i only took my camera out at the festival. missing the hilarious four hour trip down the river. my mother had a new kayak she was dying to try out. plus she had bought a HUGE raft. a raft that could fit 12 people comfortably ;) seriously i could lay down horizontally and almost fit. imagine anna katherine, mary claire and myself on what looked like a floating king sized mattress. papa gene, honey and chase were in kayaks. the river was so busy! like really, really busy. our king sized mattress float plowed down the river  separating the sea of people on inter tubes and floats.
 we didn't take a single picture, but we made a pile of memories! we laughed until we cried.
 the rest of the weekend was walks, book reading, golf cart rides and food good enough to award myself with a three day diet!
 we were able to taste several types of apples. (fried, frozen, candied, fresh...) we decided honey crisp and pink lady is our favorite.

 the best money spent...

anna katherine and chance had a caricature made. a caricature FAIL! i was proud to see theses two kindly thank the man for this unrealistic and disastrous picture.

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