stair climb

we got a surprise visit from bennett! that sweet boy, he really misses his wonderful mother girlfriend. but that's okay because we miss seeing elizabeth too! it's always good to have that strong tornado personality home. 

his clemson fire department job has given him a strong appreciation for first responders. the stories he tells.  this weekend bennett was full of september 11 questions .... where were we? our thoughts that day? details, details, details! besides being mortified and glued to the television,  our answers were not as dramatic as he was expecting.

he called a "family movie night." we watched the new 9-11 documentary on the history channel. (this was bennett's third time) this documentary opened up a can of good, solid conversation.

sunday afternoon bennett returned to clemson for the 9-11 memorial stair climb. 110 flights of stairs in fire gear. (when he finished... he threw up)  

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