sweet katie

it was a heartbreaking week. if you live in our county you may have felt the same way. our town lost a wonderful young lady. her name was katie. she was a mother, wife, and a firefighter. bennett called us with the news. bennett is good friends with katie's husband and was in a state of disbelief. so were we. i have known this family for years. i knew katie's mother from my days of teaching. i  photographed their beautiful wedding only a few years ago... which honestly feels like last year.  

upon learning of the news, the clemson fire department was so supportive. (the community of firefighters is tight!) bennett was able to finish his class, take off from work and return to camden in time for the processional.

the family asked that i take a few pictures for their girls to remember. it is a sobering sight watching a young mother's funeral procession. 

 our town in amazing in s many ways. 
 i had an out of town wedding on the day of her funeral. bennett was given strict instructions, a photpgraphy lesson and documented the day for her girls. i wanted to share a few. there are so many personal images that i know her daughters will want to see in the future. 

 my son is in the middle. he is fortunate to be a volunteer among this amazing group of people. we all considered it an honor to have known katie. 

DawnW said...

Absolutely beautiful photos Heidi. What a terrible loss; I am so very sorry.

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