holding on

lately life over here has been hyper hurried and overly busy! my car remains in a state of chaos. i feel like i am in a constant state of catch up... laundry and blogging top the list.  oh and cooking! family dinners are very important, but what goes on the table some nights is top secret ;) seriously, we eat  healthy most night. i am saying this for the record. because the one night in a couple of years i fix my girls beanies and weenies is the one freaking night that mary claire is keeping a freaking food journal for health class. no worry, they only share the diary allowed in class. she told me this during the drive to school... while drinking her all green, organic, natural smoothie ;) what was i going to do, tell her to lie? (the thought crossed my mind) i reminded her that while she was presenting to make sure she included that the hotdogs were the expensive ones!

the pressure of a family with a packed schedule has our world spinning. this time of the year always reminds me of the importance of prioritizing. i am trying my best to prioritize.  saying no when needed and even more importantly saying yes when needed. not much longer and our world will be calming down. but for right now we are holding one for dear life :) 

soon i will be able to sit down to my computer and catch up on birthdays and holidays and life's little moments.  even when life makes me feel crazy and i feed my family a month's worth of preservatives in one sitting... i also know that life sure is good!

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