i took a break. the break from my blog has been unintentional. it's truly a time thing. the break jeff and i just took was totally intentional. after a whirlwind october and november, checking out and slowing down felt more like a necessity than a luxury.

jeff had a meeting on a a little island on the south carolina coast, so i tagged along. it wasn't much of a break for him, he worked a good bit.  after we threw the "we miss the children so much" pity party... we had the best time!

i was looking forward to sleeping until 7am, drinking coffee, binge watching the news and lounging around all day!

i was able to accomplish all of the above... all while editing wedding pictures, returning emails, making phone calls, ordering christmas cards... i was still working. 

office work with a fabulous view and the best company i could ever ask for was a three day gift.  

hello beautiful christmas decorations!

 i had high hopes of catching up on my own pictures and blog posts. this is as far as i got :) we  i will soon be returning to the real world. 

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