christmas eve

 every year we get together with my side of family. we do this the saturday before christmas. this year the saturday fell on christmas eve! 

my step brother and his boys stopped by for a quick visit.

the highlight of the children's night is the $10 gift exchange! It always a HOOT!


season wrapped up in october! 
our children have been swimming for years. this swim year was plagued by drama from day one. the first half of bennett's senior was practically defined by football drama. thanks to the "former" head coach, bennett has pretty much washed his hands of football. however, from this painful season, so many life lessons were learned.  

sadly we wrapped up anna katherine's final swim season feeling the same way. she fought her own battles and refused to "throw in the towel." it was painful for jeff and i to watch.  our young lady who is known for her kindness and zero drama, was counting down the days.

anna katherine gave the swim team speech at the award's banquet.


the compassion experience came to first baptist camden.
it was a massive undertaking that our entire church family was a part of.

mary claire's entire7th (and 8th) grade middle school drove 30 miles for this experience. my heart was bursting at the seams. the children raised enough money to sponsor a child for two years! and the picked one from ecuador! i am so thankful this can be a school project.
love this fella!

our small town is so awesome! 
churches of all detonations came together for this cause!

the acteens played a big part in getting this experience to camden. these ladies worked their tails off!

this pretty mother and i met at a compassion event. she is such a neat person!she adopted her daughter from ethiopia after taking a compassion trip.

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