first world

oh the horror! my daughter has to have two dresses for the prom. one for the dance and one for the breakfast! the essential oils i ordered are clogging up my diffuser! mary claire woke up this morning and her sock curls were not tight enough! jeff couldn't find his "good"  charger for his personal iPad. bennett continues to flatten the tires on his mountain bike from  riding it too hard.

how first world are we? sometimes we need to put things into perspective.

the odds?

we do it, even though we find it ridiculous. we drive through deer key or cade's cove eagerly glued to the car window trying to spot "deer". on the ridiculous side because where we live, deer are everywhere! bennett hunts them in our back yard.  if we put in a tiny bit of effort, we could see them on daily basis. year round.  so when anna katherine frantically called home, 5 minutes after she left upset that she hit a deer, we knew the odds had been in our favor. 
praise God no one was hurt.  the girls were overwhelmed with grief... for the deer :) "it made an awful noise when it hit me. i bet it was a mama deer. i hope it is not suffering." 

sweet souls! 

bennett's first question, "did you get the deer? can you take it to the processing plant? oh, are the girls ok?"
who knew a deer could do so much damage to a car!  we are thankful for a good insurance company!
 a few days later, we found the deer and a few souvenir parts. 

winter things

before we plow into spring, there's a few winter moments i want to document!
misson college 2017! 
it is such an awesome week!
this beauty...
kitty boy and his numerous snake bites.
 this fella definitely has more than 9 lives!
my sweethearts on valentine's day!

according to the internet, we do not love each other if we fail to snap the obligatory valentine's day picture ;) 
i love a front row seat to a day this sweet!
 a family adoption with my brother in law as their attorney. 

celebrating heart health!
did i mention i am deathly afraid of heights?!
no way! bennett cleans out his closet, packs bags for goodwill...
thankfully i looked through them first!  cub scout, little league hats, state medals.... good grief SON!
photographing school dances... it's the best!
especially when my family is involved. 
my helper / test model!

we take fires pretty seriously in these neck of the woods!
this is what it looks like when we burn a brush pile. 

when you see life begin to take full circle...
bennett in the driver's seat.
somethings are driving jeff and i nuts over here... like a college decision. anna katherine has one more week to make her final decision!she has narrowed it down to 2. one of them has offered almost a full scholarship. last child i announced their college choice on social media and two weeks later he changed his mind. 

a campaign has been taking place to let merriweather have kittens.
that came to an end last week!

 our entire family now has passports....
i say let's MOVE ;)

 my nieces!
 i love these guys!

sunday night small groups are our favorite!
jeff stretched and framed my paintings from ecuador
it was my birthday!

29. some things never change.

thanks charleston wraps for a day off school.
this girl's blood is beginning to run orange!

adult talk

one of my goals for the new year  is to keep, something other than humans and cats, alive! recently i found myself surrounded by some of my very favorite grown ups while they talked "master gardening stuff." it sounded like they were speaking in tongues. crazy talk;) talking were discussing  this plant and that plant, i am guessing they were using their scientific names, because i never heard "fern, pansy, daisy, or geranium." it was all foreign to me. 
all this crazy talk got me thinking. i looked around my house. excluding plants that were part of our landscaping (i also use that term loosely) i realized i didn't have a single house plant. of course i knew this. i had tried once or twice to grow things. the plants soon died, i decided house plants were overrated, gave up, got another cat and never really thought about it again. 
until listening to my master gardner friends talk "adult."  i decided to try, once again, to grow a few house plants. i mean seriously, i am an adult, i keep humans alive, can it really be that hard!? especially when the label claims it is a plant of steel!

mary claire was all too eager to help. 
we had the most fun finding various unique planters.

this was followed by mary claire's science knowledge. i must say, i was impressed.

i have alerts set on my phone that remind me to water and fertilize. 
i will admit, it's a little stressful.
i will say, plants brighten up a home!

i included this picture to show my newest painting from ecuador! 
everytime i look at this painting and think of this place, i am reminded of the love i feel for this culture! jeff stretched the canvas and custom made the frame!
UPDATE: a couple months and i have only lost one plant! 
any and all advice is appreciated!
 if another one bites the dust... i am getting a kitten. maybe two :)

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