adult talk

one of my goals for the new year  is to keep, something other than humans and cats, alive! recently i found myself surrounded by some of my very favorite grown ups while they talked "master gardening stuff." it sounded like they were speaking in tongues. crazy talk;) talking were discussing  this plant and that plant, i am guessing they were using their scientific names, because i never heard "fern, pansy, daisy, or geranium." it was all foreign to me. 
all this crazy talk got me thinking. i looked around my house. excluding plants that were part of our landscaping (i also use that term loosely) i realized i didn't have a single house plant. of course i knew this. i had tried once or twice to grow things. the plants soon died, i decided house plants were overrated, gave up, got another cat and never really thought about it again. 
until listening to my master gardner friends talk "adult."  i decided to try, once again, to grow a few house plants. i mean seriously, i am an adult, i keep humans alive, can it really be that hard!? especially when the label claims it is a plant of steel!

mary claire was all too eager to help. 
we had the most fun finding various unique planters.

this was followed by mary claire's science knowledge. i must say, i was impressed.

i have alerts set on my phone that remind me to water and fertilize. 
i will admit, it's a little stressful.
i will say, plants brighten up a home!

i included this picture to show my newest painting from ecuador! 
everytime i look at this painting and think of this place, i am reminded of the love i feel for this culture! jeff stretched the canvas and custom made the frame!
UPDATE: a couple months and i have only lost one plant! 
any and all advice is appreciated!
 if another one bites the dust... i am getting a kitten. maybe two :)

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