the odds?

we do it, even though we find it ridiculous. we drive through deer key or cade's cove eagerly glued to the car window trying to spot "deer". on the ridiculous side because where we live, deer are everywhere! bennett hunts them in our back yard.  if we put in a tiny bit of effort, we could see them on daily basis. year round.  so when anna katherine frantically called home, 5 minutes after she left upset that she hit a deer, we knew the odds had been in our favor. 
praise God no one was hurt.  the girls were overwhelmed with grief... for the deer :) "it made an awful noise when it hit me. i bet it was a mama deer. i hope it is not suffering." 

sweet souls! 

bennett's first question, "did you get the deer? can you take it to the processing plant? oh, are the girls ok?"
who knew a deer could do so much damage to a car!  we are thankful for a good insurance company!
 a few days later, we found the deer and a few souvenir parts. 

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