winter things

before we plow into spring, there's a few winter moments i want to document!
misson college 2017! 
it is such an awesome week!
this beauty...
kitty boy and his numerous snake bites.
 this fella definitely has more than 9 lives!
my sweethearts on valentine's day!

according to the internet, we do not love each other if we fail to snap the obligatory valentine's day picture ;) 
i love a front row seat to a day this sweet!
 a family adoption with my brother in law as their attorney. 

celebrating heart health!
did i mention i am deathly afraid of heights?!
no way! bennett cleans out his closet, packs bags for goodwill...
thankfully i looked through them first!  cub scout, little league hats, state medals.... good grief SON!
photographing school dances... it's the best!
especially when my family is involved. 
my helper / test model!

we take fires pretty seriously in these neck of the woods!
this is what it looks like when we burn a brush pile. 

when you see life begin to take full circle...
bennett in the driver's seat.
somethings are driving jeff and i nuts over here... like a college decision. anna katherine has one more week to make her final decision!she has narrowed it down to 2. one of them has offered almost a full scholarship. last child i announced their college choice on social media and two weeks later he changed his mind. 

a campaign has been taking place to let merriweather have kittens.
that came to an end last week!

 our entire family now has passports....
i say let's MOVE ;)

 my nieces!
 i love these guys!

sunday night small groups are our favorite!
jeff stretched and framed my paintings from ecuador
it was my birthday!

29. some things never change.

thanks charleston wraps for a day off school.
this girl's blood is beginning to run orange!

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