graduation day

Anna Katherine, 
Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives! Words will always fall short when describing the love we have for you. When God bestows the blessing of a child to parents, he gives us a fleeting glimpse of his love for us. It is a love full of joy, fear, pain, and hope. All of these feelings wrapped into one and felt every moment from the day you were born. 
You have accomplished so much in your 18 years with us. 18 years that feel more like 18 seconds. If only there was a pause button. A pause for your smiles, your laughter, your tears of joy, and a fast forward for your tears of sorrow. We are so proud of your accomplishments! However, the greatest pride comes through observation. Being the ones chosen to witness what you are becoming, overwhelms us with gratitude. 

 Through the years we have watched as your heart filled and then overflowed with kindness and compassion. We watched as your sweet, humble spirit bloomed. We watched you work hard and never give up. We were fascinated by your wit, talents and creativity. It did not take long before your God given gifts had created a light around you. A light that everyone sees, even though you never seek the spotlight. 

Most importantly, we watched as your faith in Christ became stronger and stronger. Knowing that you are living a life that is pleasing to Christ fills our hearts with joy! 

What a blessing these eighteen years have been! As we close this chapter with you, we smile knowing that you are an independent young lady who is fully prepared and fully confident to begin the next chapter. We are so grateful for all that God has done, is doing, and will do in and through you. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad
(our letter was part of anna katherine's yearbook page) 

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