last commute

the school year is winding down... which means graduation is on the horizon. senior year is very different the second time around. with bennett it felt like a year of mourning... life would never be the same. i think i remained in this depressed state through september and then i realized... that our new normal wasn't all that bad. we look forward to to the times when we are all together.  our new normal means we do not take our time together for granted.

and it will be the same way when anna katherine leaves. she will be attending the same college as her brother. she is a huge football fan... so we may not see too much of her in the fall, but it is a warm feeling knowing that they are both in the same little town.

mary claire will be our "only child at home" she is already missing her sister.  they spend a lot of time together commuting to and from school. many sweet memories have been made during that 30 minute school commute. we will all feel anna katherine's absence, but mary claire might just feel it the most.

here they are, super early in the morning, making their last normal day commute!

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