finally here

and literally just like that.
 a blink. 
and it was over.
Photo by Sean Hoskins
our middle child, the calm between our storms, has graduated. it was a sweet night. our family was arriving from a few different directions, so we decided to meet at the ceremony. right after anna katherine entered the hall, chase gave jeff and i a letter she had written. it's was a letter filled with the things these two parents had dreamed of one day hearing. we are so grateful to God for this little lady!
Photo by Sean Hoskins
 i never pulled out my "real' camera. instead, i "borrowed" a few pictures from the internet for a glimpse inside the ceremony. it was a sweet ceremony. at bennett's graduation there was the most encouraging guest speaker. i remember all of us hanging onto every word he said. the speaker at the 2017 ceremony was oddly self focused. thankfully the headmaster's speech at the end was encouraging and student focused.
Photo by Sean Hoskins

we found it fitting that her graduation party was a pool party. the girl lives in the water. we are so blessed with amazing friends and family

anna katherine had one request for her party... she wanted huge blow up pool tigers. 

we love this girl and are so proud of her accomplishments!
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