what is today?

 ask me what today is? before this summer who knew harry potter celebrated a birthday! before this summer harry potter was something rarely, if ever mentioned in our house.

happiest place

if we still mailed out christmas cards, this would not be the picture :) i always, i mean always, have high hopes for a decent family picture from our vacation. and always, i mean always, i get a last minute "get in this picture!" kind of picture. i have a picture that sits on my desk from years ago. it looks very similar  we are all smiles, mismatched, make-up-less and a little sun fried. 


it's part of the seventh grade curriculum at school: shelling. every seventh grade summer vacation is met with over the top excitement about sea shells. this year was just as expected!


 while on vacation, i came across a facebook post from a mother with small children. she was talking about vacations with small children being "awful!" she was tired of all the perfect pictures of vacations floating around on the internet, because they were deceptive to what's really going on. botton line, this fb friend thought family vacations s___!

summer goals

tis year my summer bucket list is short. take half of what we own to goodwill, spend as much time together as a family and catch up on my blog posts. our annual family vacation would be the perfect timto blog... without the responsibilities of cooking, laundry, schedules, i planned to have loads of free time.  i uploaded pictures before i left home and dreamed of drinking coffee, sipping coffee, enjoying the ocean view and catching up.

 we are nearing the end of our family vacation and with all the laundry, cooking, micro scheduling, i am realizing that this is not never going to happen.  because i am flawed and downtime stresses me out. i am the type wants to squeeze every drop of goodie from family vacation. i feel down/free time must be scheduled and since i designated myself as the scheduler, there's not much time left. this morning i "let" my family sleep in... until 8am because there's too much we need to be doing in what i consider a tropical paradise. i am working on it. baby steps :)

the last few months have involved very little downtime, both physically and mentally.  jeff's father's sudden death, the lists of responsibilities, all while navigating the stages of grief has left us all (but mostly jeff) overwhelmed.

thankfully a vacation has arrived. 
before our family vacation we made a quick trip to the beach. jeff's travel and the hotel points he accumulates is definitely a perk. we cashed in a few points for a quick getaway. 
we spent the next few days just relaxing and being remind of just how much we love south carolina.
mary claire got a little taste of what life will soon be like as an "only child at home." thankfully she is the child who still loves to hang out with her super cool parents ;) 

i was a little obsessed with the great white shark migration that scientists are just figuring out that takes place on our coast. google port royal and great whites. no way we're swimming out in the deep. mary claire opted to float in the tidal pools :) until i googled bacteria found in tidal pools. (another character flaw)

the struggle for appropriate, modest, yet not matronly swimsuits is REAL! i have compromised as much as i am willing to compromise.

happy summer!
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