while on vacation, i came across a facebook post from a mother with small children. she was talking about vacations with small children being "awful!" she was tired of all the perfect pictures of vacations floating around on the internet, because they were deceptive to what's really going on. botton line, this fb friend thought family vacations s___!

amen sister. even though i am so guilty! fast forward your life 18 years and i promise your perspective on your kids and vacations will be different.  you will be thankful for every minute of vacation time when they are all in the same room. heck, i am thankful when all three of my kids are in the same vehicle. when that happens, we take a picture!  

i am assuming (based on my own) that all vacations are far from perfect. but isn't it our natural tendency to share the happy pictures?  a video of me fussing about the endless heaps of wet towels that cannot miraculously climb on the hanger by themselves or yelling/screaming/melting down/threatening bodily harm if i see one more cell phone out in public! those moments wouldn't necessarily be the moments i would share with others. however, the one minute snipet of beautiful fireworks would be share worthy.
and as much as i would love to share the behind the scenes chaos that sometimes is our life... i have teenagers. fun suckers when it comes to blogging. "do not embarrass me. do not post that picture of me, i look fat!" 
 like seriously!? ya little fun suckers! (many days i have thought about making this blog private and not accepting my own kids.) 
i also realized that i desperately need a new swim suit. i think i am wearing this in every picture, every year. 
so here's a story that  shares a not so perfect day... but might look perfect in pictures.
fourth of july. 

we were fortunate enough to be on the same key as the best firework show in south florida. we happened upon this several years ago when we vacationed the same week. obviously it was a secret years ago and no the secret is out! the best firework show in south florida brings every residence from south florida to this tiny strip of earth. 

several million people chose to travel by boat. after checking out in line at the local publix and being surrounded by flat carts of "beverages," jeff and i decided no way would we be in a boat, at dark, with sharks and drunk people. we would drive to the beach.

our family is not big on crowds. which is one reason we travel hundreds of miles to this quiet little spot. this picture doesn't even due justice to the millions of people on the beach. and alcohol! geez luise! we are not anti-alcohol, just anti-drinking and driving. i scanned the crowd for the designated drivers? maybe they had their own section of beach? because unless the legal age to drive is 12, i do not see many qualified to drive. 

my favorite part was being surrounded by so many languages and so emuch diversity. we sat by a family from france. another one from spain. a hundred from miami. 
if a picture could talk... i wouldn't be posting this one. these guys were not amused by the millions of people. not one bit! they (i won't mention names, everyoneexceptchase&annakatherine) reacted to the crowd by immediately wanting to FLEE! 
no way. the best fireworks in south florida and we managed to find the last parking spot in south florida. you guys get comfortable, we are staying.

the fireworks were ah-mazing! one hour long complete with patriotic music on loop. 

check out the best fireworks show in south florida. (by the end of the day, i dared another person to say south florida!)

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